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Dear Hank, Thanks again for everything; after doing the weight training followed by hitt I already feel like the fat is melting off!!! You are obviously not just a great champion and trainer but a very unique and very special person.

God bless, Mark


Thank you for all your help and support during my fitness challenge. Anytime I had a question regarding fitness and nutrition, you were prompt in replying to me. I was very impressed with the quality and expertise of your advice.

With your help, I have learned to measure my meal portions and adjust my food intake according to my activity level for the day. I credit my ability to stay focused on the variety of exercises found on my daily workout sheets. It was far from boring!

As I look back over the last 12 weeks, I can honestly say that I feel better about myself. I don't look at this as the end of a challenge, but the beginning of a fitness lifestyle. My husband was so impressed with my results, that he too has developed a daily fitness and nutrition routine. Thank you for all your support.

Mary Ann O'Donnell

Hank, “Words can not express the appreciation that I have for you. Your wisdom, insight and inspiration you shared with me throughout my transformation was immense. As a novice, I had no idea how to weight train. As an “experienced” yo-yo dieter, I had no idea how to properly nourish my body. You were there every step of the way providing me guidance, encouragement, and a straightforward plan based upon proven principles to achieve my transformation goals. Hank, I could not have done this without you!” And I am sincere in every word I typed here….

Richard S. Grifasi, OD

Good Morning Harry,I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say hi and tell you how things are going with the program. I just finished week three yesterday and have not missed a meal, supplement or workout.I've seen some results on the outside by perhaps more on the inside. It feels like my body is cooking with anticipation of the next workout, meal, etc.Thanks again for everything Harry and have a great day.Best Regards,


Hi Hank,BTW, how are you doing? I lost 3/4" on my waist. I definitely feel a difference. This is catchy because my daughter and her boyfriend have joined a gym and my husband started working out religously every day.They used to laugh at me... not any more!

Well, I'll check in later and let you know how it's going.

Mary Ann

Harry, Had to laugh today. An established patient and her daughter came in today and while I was examining the mother's eyes, the daughter asked where the other doctor was. I told her that the other doctor is out on maternity leave. She appeared confused a bit and thought a bit and asked where the man doctor was. Well, her mother almost burst a gut laughing, and said to her daughter. " That doctor, he is right here! He just done lost him a lot of weight! And Gee, Doc, you look good!" (She looked me up and down on that one.)Later today, a patient I saw about six months ago, stopped me in the optical and said, "Doc, I am going to smack you. How did you lose all that weight?" I asked the staff if all this weight loss is that obvious and they said very much so and a heck of a lot of patients ask them about my weight loss.But I had to laugh a few times today about the lady and her daughter...so, where is the other doctor? I have not been hit on in the exam room in years...RichHere are the results: Week 8.5 (now). Body fat percentage: 14.4% ( I was at 25% when I first started.) Gained 6 more pounds of muscle. (Total gain so far is 14lbs of muscle.) Lost another 12 lbs of body fat. (Total fat loss is like 24, I think, do not have my notes here.) On to the goal of 10%! (or less.) My turn to apologize for cussing... Holy Shit! this really works!


Hank, I know these are not the greatest picts but it will give you a very fuzzy look at where I am at. I really have to tell you I AM EXCITED AND PUMPED!!! These pictures dont show nearly what there is.. (or is not there). After my tanning session tonight I stepped put of the booth to check my tan and I have NEVER been so lean and in shape. I feel GREAT!!! I still have the little pooch in front but that is quickly going down. My measurements (caliper) are going down... abdomen to 6-8mm from 10mm last week, thigh to 8mm, etc. I really feel that I am now close to the 6% mark... I just need to firm up this pooch in front.
What can I do for that? Anything special? I will get you some better pictures as soon as possible. I really feel my build is better than that of Bob Doyle. It doesnt show in these picts, but I think my build is thicker than his. I am closing in for the KILL!!! :)



Watching what I eat and exercise I've been doing for 3 months. I have lost 30 lbs and 6 inches...


Your diet program is doing wonders. I am down 14 pounds today. I only started 5 weeks ago. This is the first time I have given 1000% with both diet and exercise. I have not missed one workout or fudged on one meal. It's has been terrific.

Matt Badasci

Harry, Thanks for all the information on fitness and life it self. I look forward to reading the news letter each month as it is full of information for living a good and healthy life.


I used to get sick at least once a month. My friends made fun of me saying I was a hypochondriac because I was always at the doctor's office which is not normal behavior for a 27 year old woman. I had everything from kidney infections that landed me in the hospital for a week to regular colds, to bronchitis and pneumonia.In January I started taking your vitamins and I have NOT gotten sick ONCE THIS YEAR.Even my seasonal allergies have gotten better. My kidney problems are gone as are any signs of my monthly colds. Gone are the days of bronchitis and my constant throat aches.I am now giving the vitamins to my father who has diabetes and emphysema and he is already feeling better. These vitamins are a miracle.

Bettina Abascal

Wow, Thank you so much for such a rapid and personalised response. I am now even more amazed with your programme
Thanks again and I'll let you know the result.


Thanks for the line, however I have joined your program and have already begun the transformation. 5 days, 5 pounds so far. Thanks for everything so far due to current finances I am gradually adding the supplements. The diet is great and with all of the advanced prepping getting everything together in the morning is easier than ever.

Thanks again, Kenneth

Hi Hank, Thank you so much for all that you've given me. I want to thank you for putting the Ultimate and Fitness Program together. I've struggled for so many years to get my body in the top shape and I just didn't succeed. I don't know if it was by an accident or by God's favor that I saw your program on the Internet. After a month and half of using your progarm, I feel like I am in the best shape of my life. Just the other day when I went to Walmart, I put on a pair of Khaki pants on with a waist size of a 34 on, and I just couldn't believe what I saw. I can't remember the last time I wore a size 34 waist. It is not just the fact that you put this incredible program together that I'm thankful for, but it was the fact that you were a coach to me. Everytime that I called you, you never told me to stop calling you or to stop bothering you, but instead, you became my coach and inspired me to belief that all things are possible. I don't know how to thank you for this. If anyone of you are reading this letter and wondering whether or not to get this program, I will tell you to get it. This program works if you truly follow what Hank wrote. I have never met anyone as genuine as Hank Johnson. He is always there for me whenever I wanted to ask him a question and all he wants is for anyone using his program to succeed. Thank you once again Hank and may God continue to bless you.

Gabriel Ilori

Harry, My body is changing nearly daily and it is very exciting. A suit jacket that was 4 inches too small 3 weeks ago...fits just fine now!My wife is amazed.Thanks for the help,


Hi Hank,I just wanted to drop you a brief line to say how much your story has inspired me.I was flicking through an old issue of Muscle Media and saw your biography story and was absolutely astounded by your before and after pictures, and further astounded by the more recent pictures I've seen on the web.I've struggled without any success to achieve the kind of results that you've produced and seeing what you've achieved has really opened my eyes to just how different my life could be, in every sense, if I was able to take control of my life, my eating and my body in the way that you have.Whilst I'm not planning to enrol within the Body-For-Life programme, I fully intend to do everything within my power to lose the excess bodyfat I'm carrying and then focus on building a strong, muscular body.My own transformation begins tomorrow, and I intend to draw inspiration, motivation and focus from your own before and after pictures, and I look forward to dropping you a line every now and then to let you know how it's going.Regards and best wishes

Alex Johnson

Hello Hank,You really are an inspiration. Are you really a real person ? I am loving the weight training program. i have just began the lean mass routine. Is that really it!! I did my monday workout today and it went so fast. Is that really all you recommend for 4 weeks? It seems like i should be doing more. I know you said in your letter that i would say that!I would really like to purchase your weight training manual but i have been unemployed for a year now and i am unable to squeeze it in. Thank god i get a free gym membership from my husbands work. Maybe in the fall my finances will be better.Thank you so much for all your info.


I had sent you and e-mail letting you know I had completed the entire program, and finished with a loss of 36 lbs. of fat, and a gain of 17 lbs. of muscle. Let me know where you want me to mail my final before and afters. Thanks for all the help, Daniel Whitener

P.S. My wife is also doing this with me and she has lost 6 lbs. and a little over an inch in her waist and hips. She is loving the results right now, and that is keeping me and her motivated.

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you earlier. I started your program back in February. Since then, I have dropped 30 lbs. and 5 inches off of my waist.
The best part is that I maintained, if not increased, my muscle mass. I followed your program as prescribed. It was great! I highly recommend it to anyone and can send you some before and after pics if you want. I didn't enter your contest. I know I should have because I probably would have won a prize. I'm just so excited with my results- that's payment enough. I just want to thank you for a super program. I entered the Bally Fitness Rapid Results Challenge for 2003 and I'm excited to here if I won anything. I'd really be disappointed if I didn't since I really think my results were better than past winners. I feel great! My self-esteem/confidence is once again at a high level. I would recommend your program to anyone and would gladly be a spokesman for you. You wouldn't believe the compliments that I get from co-workers, friends, etc. I've got people asking me what program I used. I tell them it's NOT a fad program. It's one based on sound nutrition and exercise. Also, you wouldn't believe the looks I get from women that NEVER looked before. What an amazing feeling.Again, thanks so much for your program- it's changed my life for the better.

Sincerely, Rob Muller

Started your diet and weight training program this Monday gone and have already lost 9lb (start weight 18 stone).
I have had to adopt the weight training so that I can perform them on my "Marcy" Multi-Gym. I have a severe inner ear balance problem and tend to fall over hence no squats etc are possible.
I strap myself into the gym and do the pushin exercises on one day and the pulling on the next day and then have a days break.Could you advise me if this is ok please ?many thanks,

Roy Parry

Hank, I attached an update!!I really think your program is great!! I talk about it all the time, to my friends and family. Everybody says I'm looking great. I still think I have a ways to go, but it is so easy. When I started in February, I couldn't even do a pushup without doing an easy pushup on my knees. Last night, (just fooling around, after my ab crunches) I did ten on my toes (easily) and felt like I could have clapped my hands between pushups! Getting fit and getting compliments are the upside to the program!!Thanks again, I don't think I could say it enough,

Larry Whiteley

Hello,I am having great success with your diet plan after only 1 week. I am already visibly leaner with plenty of energy.

Vikki Mee

Harry,Just to let you know everything is right on target.... can't believe the results so far. Nice.

Rick A. Harrington

Hank,Thanks a bunch for answering all my questions and straightening out the shipping gaffs. I appreciate your hard work. After almost 4 weeks, I've lost 20 lbs. Gained 1 inch on my biceps, gained 2 inches on my chest, gained 2 inches on my thighs, lost 5 inches in my waist, gained 1 inch on my calves. I am about to try the max muscle workout for the next month. I'll let you know how everything is coming along!

Larry Whiteley

I'm doing great, 5 weeks ago, I was wearing a 48 pants, yesterday I bought a pair of 42s. I either have to cinch up my belt or wear suspenders every day! Thanks a lot for your help, Hank.

Larry Whiteley

Hello HankThank you for your replies!I received the products a week ago and am very happy… my body-fat-percentage has gone down 4% in this time (starting at 25 L)… Thank you again for the great correspondence and speedy delivery!Greets,


Hank,I've done very well with your program. I've lost four inches from my waist from 34" to 30" and I've gone from 24% body fat to 16%. My goal is 12%.Thanks for all your help so far. Your program has done wonders for me. Rarely does a day go by when I don't get a compliment about how great I look or about my weight loss.Thanks again,

Joe Ferguson

Thanks for the life change, Hank. You HAVE made me a new person! Wish I could see the look on your face when you see my pictures...
John Scaralia

Just to let you know, On Saturday 11/23 it will be 5 weeks for me and I am completely thrilled with my results. So far, I am down 35 lbs on the scale, my waist has dropped by 4", my biceps up 1.5", thighs up 1" etc. Also, my wife has joined me and has dropped over 17 lbs in about 2.5 weeks. Your program has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. I already look and feel completely different.I am sorry to bother you with so many questions, but with the results that I am getting, I don't want to risk making some of the errors that you said you had made in the past when you experimented.Thank-you for all your help

Scott Cohen

Dear Hank,
I'm glad that I was able to give you positive feedback about your program. Like I said, I still don't have the size 8 body that I want but to go from a 22 to a 16 certainly is impressive, eh? Today was my first day back at the gym since my yoga excursion and I made MORE leaps and bounds. I just love how everything is coming full circle for me. And I am excited to revive my yoga practice. Thanks for everything. I still haven't taken my measurements. As soon as I do, I'll send them to you along with my original ones. Have a great day.
Angela Ferris

I was 284lbs on July 18th...
I am now 254lbs on August 30
That is 30lbs lost YAHOO!!!!!
This is actually fun, I am having a blast.

I still cannot believe I went 15 years thinkin' I could not get in shape...I just started telling myself NO to the wrong stuff and YES to the right stuff. It is a matter of the will, no doubt.

Thx again for your ENCOURAGEMENT!,

Abs by December,
Mike Christian

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