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Dear Friend,

Hello, my name is Harry Johnson Jr and I've dedicated my life to helping YOU get in shape!.

                                                                         (Here's the Plaque Bill Phillips of EAS personally
                                                                      handed to me after I won the Body For Life™ Contest )

I won the 1998 EAS Physique Transformation Challenge, today called the Body For Life contest

Ever since I won the Body for Life™ contest and beat over 220,000 people that entered, people started tracking me down, one woman even showed up on my front door (kind of scary) asking me what's the secret I used to lose 25 pounds in only 8 weeks?

Watch this short video below to see the whole story...

This is the Plaque given to me after winning the 1998 Physique Transformation Contest, today better known as the Body For Life contest

Ever since then people have been telling me that I should write a book or create a simple step by step program that anyone can use to lose weight.

I have just finished a step-by-step guide that will teach you how to lose 10 pounds in as little as 9 days, and I want to give you this report free of charge in exchange for a little favor I want you to do.

The favor is simple, and easy to do

Here's what it is...

I need your feedback and advice. Even though I have been helping people to lose weight successfully for over 10 years, I know there is still so much more I need to learn and it is my life's goal to help as many people as I can.

The information you provide me is extremely important because it will assist me in creating a new system for helping people to lose weight all around the world.

In other words, because you are helping me understand what you are going through and what you need to know about losing weight I can help others.

It's just a few simple questions that I need you to answer as completely and honestly as possible. Your feedback will help to create a product that will help people lose weight all around the world.

After the short 5 step survey, I will give you the link to instantly download your free report on how to lose 10 pounds in as little as 9 days.

it's that simple!

Thanks and I wish you the best.

Happy Weight Loss!!
Harry Johnson Jr

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PS - Remember the guide on how to lose 10 pounds by December 15, 2019, is Yours ABSOLUTELY FREE by simply taking this short survey.